Sophia Stuart is a journalist (cinemathread, ELLE China, Esquire Mexico, Four Seasons magazine, Harper’s Bazaar Australia, ICG, Red, Refinery29 and Ziff Davis PCMag), writer/director (“Mayfair Brooks”, a 15-part mobile drama for Pocket Gems, and the online scavenger game for 20th Century Fox’s “The Devil Wears Prada”), digital strategist and copywriter (Condé Nast, Hearst, Hollywood Locations, Louise Galvin Haircare, Voltari, and many more) and author of “How To Stay Sane In A Crazy World” (Hay House, 2014), which was featured in “O, The Oprah Magazine”. Sophia lives in Los Angeles but started her career back in London on “The Independent”, the national newspaper that launched the careers of Allison Pearson (“I Don’t Know How She Does It”), JoJo Moyes (“Me Before You”) and Helen Fielding (“Bridget Jones’s Diary”). As a technology commentator, Sophia has written about artificial intelligence and robots at Caltech, DARPA, NASA, Trinity College Dublin, USC Polymorphic Robotics Laboratory and UCLA Biomechatronics as well as interviewing FBI advisors, VFX and espionage experts on major Hollywood movie releases. She is represented by the literary agent Lisa Gallagher.

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PCMag: Genius: Life of Einstein 

PCMag: Meet Walter: Fabricating the Android Fassbender (Alien Covenant)

Medium: Meet me at the Movies: Angela Killoren on Korean Cinema

PCMag: L.A. Cleantech Incubator: Homeboy Recycling, Perception Robotics

PCMag: Sawyer Expands EdTech Platform in L.A. 

PCMag: MindGamers Explores the Single Unified Field

PCMag: Art Center Creates Next Gen Vehicles and Sleek Wearables

DTCC: Reporting on Blockchain and emerging FinTech

PCMag: Evenings at the Loft VR at Google

PCMag: Canines and Connected Devices at DogVacay

Singularity Hub: Ready for Cyborgs?

cinemathread: OWLIE Award for Documentary Filmmaker Amy Ziering 

PCMag: Dr. Ed Stone from NASA JPL on 40th Anniversary of Voyager

PCMag: Kaydabi and “Wild Warriors”

PCMag: Cool Cousin Connects Global Nomads

PCMag: Naughty Puppets Roam the Jim Henson Studio Lot

Medium: This Beautiful Fantastic, directed by Simon Aboud

Medium: Gladys Kong, CEO, Ubermedia on data science

PCMag: Hotels of the Future: Yotel, CitizenM and Aloft

cinemathread: Meet me at the Movies: Steven Lavine, CalArts

PCMag: CalArts Trains 21st Century Creatives with High Tech Skills

PCMag: Fandango Eyes the Future of Movie Going 

PCMag: IMAX gets into VR inside Tinseltown

Cinemathread: Kira Kelly on 13th, Ava DuVernay and the Oscars

PCMag: VR Enchantment from Jon Favreau and Neville Spiteri at WEVR 

PCMag: Got your post-death checklist? Call Grace [TechStars 16]

PCMag: Dr. Yalda Uhls on Raising Responsible Digital Kids

PCMag: Brain Health, VR and China

PCMag: UnaliWear Kanega Smartwatch for Chic Elders

Cinema Thread: Dance Me to the End of Love: 3 x Documentaries

@Medium: Kristen Chase from Cool Mom Tech

HDVideoPro: Cinematographer Nancy Schreiber ASC Wins President’s Award 

Cinema Thread: Michael Keaton in The Founder

PCMag: HopSkipDrive Does Clever Carpooling

PCMag: Techstars Healthcare Accelerator: Ella

PCMag: Holograms and the digitization of humans at 8i

PCMag: Hidden Figures: The Women (at NASA) who did the Math to put a Man into Space

Cinema Thread: State of the Industry: Virtual Reality

PCMag: A Tale of Human Stasis and Exoplanets: Passengers

PCMag: Hacking Reality at Samsung Research USA

PCMag: Affectiva A.I. Knows How You Feel 

PCMag: Dr. Julia Mossbridge From IONS Talks Silicon Valley Superhero Burnout

Cinema Thread: A Life in Exile: Director Maria Schrader on Stefan Zweig

hf   jj  pass

PCMag: Dipper Conduit to the Cloud from Tinsel

PCMag: Nihao, ZTE: welcome to the era of the smart-enough-smartphone

Cinema Thread: Nobody Walks in L.A. – Jesse Shapiro

PCMag: Middle School Lab Partners – 3,000 Miles Apart

Cinema Thread: Steven Okazaki, Director of “Mifune: The Last Samurai”

iRobot: Dispatches Fall 2016

PCMag: Focus@Will Increases Theta Brain Frequencies For Flow States

PCMag: SRI International Dr. William Mark at AI World 2016

PCMag: More Virtual, Less Reality Required: Invisible VR from Doug Liman

International Society for Presence Research: [reprint]: Ro-Man 2016

PCMag: ARRIVAL: The Aliens Have Landed. We Talk To Their Interpreter

PCMag: Are You Ready To Hack Consciousness?

Cinemathread: Issue 1: Meet Me at the Movies: Greg Laemmle

Cinemathread: Issue 1: The Handmaiden: Park Chan-wook

PCMag: Activision Blizzard Studios Launches Skylanders Academy

PCMag: Augmented Reality for Clothing from Drawsta

PCMag: Bueller? Bueller? Arkaive Takes #EdTech Attendance

PCMag: #retroTech iPod Nano

PCMag: Tom Cruise Returns as Jack Reacher. We Get Briefed By His Military Advisor 

Cinemathread: The Handmaiden from Park Chan-wook 

VRB from Samsung Accelerator launches VR apps

Cinematic VR: MPC, Faraday, Goosebumps

PCMag: Dial Down the Morphine: Strike up the VR

PCMag: Modern Day Lois Lane and Clark Kents at USC J-School

PCMag: RO-MAN 2016: Future of Human-Robot Interaction

PCMag: Is There A Global Robot Culture (Yet)?

PCMag: Future A.I. Therapists Learning From Textpert

PCMag: Welcome to the ANA Avatar XPrize

PCMag: iCub: A Robot That Learns To Grow Up

PCMag: Columbia University: ThingSpace

PCMag: Magisto: mini movie-making

PCMag: Criminal Justice Reform and Virtual Reality

PCMag: I don’t speak Chinese, but thanks to ObEN, my digital doppelganger does

PCMag: testing Swarovski wearables 

PCMag: MealViewer: edtech/nutritiontech startup

PCMag: GALA all-girls STEM school

PCMag: MORGAN, cyborgs, microbiology and more (Luke Scott)

ICG: Hulu executive: Jessica Kumai Scott: Sept 2016

ICG: cover story: East Los High: Sept 2016

PCMag: How US Army Cyber Command Pitched Camp at Augusta, GA 

PCMag: Griffith Observatory, Ray Bradbury and Spock

PCMag: Conversation with Bran Ferren from Applied Minds

PCMag: Cybercrime Policing at the Port of Los Angeles

PCMag: How to Survive in L.A. Without Driving

PCMag: How Malibu Preps for the Day of Disaster

PCMAG: Can Therapeutic Neurogaming Keep Juveniles Out of Prison?

PCMAG: California Science Center: July 2016

PCMAG: Building Blade Runner: UCLA Architects of Tomorrow: July 2016

PCMag: Do Particle Physicists Dream of Busting Ghosts?: July 2016

PCMag: Equals Portrays a Future without Feelings (or Phones): July 2016

PCMag: Ghostbusters Revisited (with Proton Packs): July 2016

PCMag: Virtual Humans Serve at US Vets: July 2016

PCMag: LAX Gets a Jet Set Tech Reboot: June 2016

PCMag: Michelle Phan’s Ipsy Makes Beauty Moguls Thrive: June 2016

PCMag: Brain-Machine Interfaces at Hughes Research Laboratories: June 2016

PCMag: Independence Day: Resurgence and Alien Minds: June 2016

PCMag: Meet My New A.I. Assistants: June 2016

PCMag: Natural History Museum and young Explorers: June 2016

PCMag: VR Helps Soldiers With PTSD: June 2016

PCMag: Sift Science – Fighting Fraud: June 2016

PCMag: Atom Tickets – Movies with Friends: June 2016

ICG magazine Sian Grigg June 2016

ICG magazine Bill Corso June 2016

ICG magazine Geneva Nash Morgan June 2016

PC Magazine digital edition Four Seasons Maui Smartwatches June issue

PC Magazine digital edition Los Alamos National Lab June issue

PCMag: Angry Birds Flock to the Silver Screen: May 2016

PCMag: Combat Gent, IoT and the Magic Mirror: May 2016

PCMag: Heroes of Mobile A.I. with James Tagg in L.A.: May 2016

PCMag: Georgia Tech, Dr. Sonia Chernova and the robot that learns: May 2016

PCMag: Synchronizing Smartwatches at Four Seasons Maui: May 2016

PCMag: The Backstory on Star Wars in Elstree 1976 Doc: May 2016

PCMag: Quantum Cryptography and Supercomputers at Los Alamos: May 2016

PCMag: Hollywood Bots Are The Next Stars? May 2016

PCMag: Is Amazon Alexa Ready For Its Close Up: May 2016

PCMag: Bradbury Science Museum At Los Alamos: May 2016

PCMag: IMAX Our Beautiful Planet Doc: May 2016

PCMag: Protecting The Earth From Space Storms: May 2016

Feature: PCMag: Tom Hanks Tackles Holograms in Saudi: April 2016

Feature: PCMag: Sub Pac Make Music Wearables: April 2016

Feature: PCMag: NASA Intelligent Robotics Unit: April 2016

Feature: PCMag: Moving Testimonies: April 2016

Feature: PCMag: 3D Cameras for VR pre-Travel: March 2016

Feature: PCMag: Do you speak Dothraki? March 2016

Feature: PCMag: Is Gesture The Future Of Tech? March 2016

Feature: PCMag: Brain-Machine Interfaces: March 2016

Feature: PCMag: Unity 3D VR Predictions: February 2016

Feature: PCMag: VR Nerds, Germany: February 2016

Feature: PCMag: Augmented Reality for Architects: February 2016

Feature: PCMag: Building Superhumans for Mars: February 2016

Feature: PCMag: Stitch Fix Fashion Futures: February 2016

Feature: PCMag: Social Print Studio: January 2016

Feature: PCMag: The Robot That Loves Retail: January 2016

Feature: PCMag: 15 Lessons from the SF Startup Scene: January 2016

Feature: PCMag: Virtual Reality Building Fantasy Lands At Otherworld: January 2016

Feature: PCMag: A.I. Inside Your Home With JOSH.AI: January 2016

Cover Story ICG Jessica Jones from Marvel Jan 2016

ICG magazine Melissa Rosenberg Showrunner Jessica Jones Jan 2016

Feature: PCMag: SILVIA A.I. from Cognitive Code: January 2016

Feature: International Cinematographers Guild Magazine (ICG): Point Break: Dec 2015

Feature: Refinery29: Four Seasons Hotel App: November 2015

Feature: PCMag: Bond, James Bond. And Q. #Spectre : November 2015

Feature: PCMag: Building Brains For Robots: November 2015

Feature: Refinery29: Why You Need To See CODEGIRL: November 2015

Feature: PCMag: 20 Years of Toy Story Pixar Magic: October 2015

Feature: PCMag: NASA Chief On Mars: October 2015

Feature: PCMag: The Room Service Robots Have Arrived: October 2015

Cover Story: ICG magazine: Alice Brooks, Cinematographer (Jem): October 2015

Book Extract: LIFE magazine South Africa: Winter 2015

PC Magazine (digital edition) Ridley Scott and The Martian: October 2015

Feature: PCMag: Robots Companions at RoboBusiness: September 2015

Feature: PCMag: Cisco, Spy Cases, Berlin and Innovation: September 2015

Feature: PCMag: Meet me in St. Louis for DARPA, AI and Robots: September 2015

Feature: PCMag: Retail, Data Science, Tradesy: September 2015

Feature: PCMag: Goodbye Apple, Choosing Chromebook: August 2015

Feature: PCMag: Megan Ellison, Vidiots, VRSE and Virtual Reality: August 2015

Feature: PCMag: VFX Team On Mission Impossible Rogue Nation: August 2015

Feature: PCMag: NASA Builds A Holodeck: July 2015

Feature: PCMag: NASA Gecko Hands: June 2015

Feature: PCMag: NASA VolcanoBot: June 2015

Feature: PCMag: Korean Robot Team Wins at DARPA: June 2015

Feature: PCMag: UCLA Robot Haptics Bair Claw: May 2015

As Told To: LYST: Fashion: Kate Betts, My Paris Dreams: May 2015

As Told To: LYST: Hollywood: Kay Cannon, Pitch Perfect 2: May 2015

Feature: PCMag: Tomorrowland: May 2015

Feature: PCMag: 12 Things About Elon Musk: May 2015

Feature: PCMag: Los Angeles Drought Tales NH Museum Garden: May 2015

Feature: PCMag: Doctor Who: Bigger On The Inside: May 2015

Feature: PCMag: Elon Musk Launches Tesla Energy: May 2015

Feature: PCMag: NASA JPL RoboSimian robot: May 2015

Feature: PCMAG: Gaming Improves Learning: April 2015

As Told To: LYST: Fashion: Erin Dennison: April 2015

As Told To: LYST: Fashion: George Hahn: April 2015

Feature: PCMag: Inside Caltech Earthquake Lab: April 2015

Slideshow: PCMag: Dr. Cynthia Breazeal Top 10 Robots: April 2015

Feature: PCMag: Digital Braille Tutor Carnegie Mellon: April 2015 

Feature: PCMag: Aquatic Robots at Caltech: April 2015

Columnist: Four Seasons Magazine: Find Your Voice: Spring 2015

Feature: PCMAG: Aquatic Robots Do Battle At CalTech: Mar 2015

Feature: PCMAG: Teen Girls Social Network: We Heart It: Mar 2015

Feature: PCMAG: The Best Interface is No Interface: Feb 2015

Feature: PCMAG: Robbie The Robot at Trinity, Dublin: Feb 2015

Feature: PCMAG: Berlin Start-Up Tech Scene: Feb 2015

Feature: PCMAG: Jupiter Ascending: Feb 2015

Feature: PCMAG: The Lloyd Hotel and Cultural Embassy Amsterdam Digital Publisher: Feb 2015

Feature: PCMAG: Blackhat movie: Jan 2015

Feature: PCMAG: Space Robots Dr. Wei-Min Shen USC: Jan 2015

Feature: PCMAG: 3D Printing at MakiesLab, London: December 2014

Feature: PCMAG: Virtually Human: November 2014

Feature: PCMAG: War Games: November 2014

Feature: PCMAG: Motion In Games Conference: November 2014

Feature: PCMAG: Anonymous and Gabriella Coleman: November 2014

Feature: PCMAG: Twitter Bots And Online Learning: November 2014

Cover Story: PC Magazine digital edition: Big Hero 6 from Disney Animation: November 2014

Daring to be Different in DMs: Huffington Post: Oct 27th 2014

Feature: PCMAG: Code To Coffee: Oct 21st 2014

Feature: PCMAG: DDoS Attacks: The Coming Swarm: Oct 20th 2014

Feature: PCMAG: Inside The Mind Of Ada Lovelace: Oct 10th 2014

Feature: PCMAG: Robin Wright In The Congress: August 28th 2014

Feature: PCMAG: Warren Spector And The Texas Gaming Academy: August 27th 2014

Feature: Huffington Post: Emigration Tales: London to Los Angeles: August 19th 2014

Feature: Huffington Post: How Digital Brought Back Kindness: August 8th 2014

Feature: PCMAG: Lucy Uses 100 Percent Of Her Brain, Is That Possible (Scarlett Johansson/Luc Besson): July 2014

Feature: Red magazine: UK: A Room Of One’s Own dot com: August 2014

Feature: O, The Oprah Magazine South Africa: June 2014: Stay Sane In A Crazy World

Cover Story: ELLE China: May 2014: Sophia Amoruso, CEO, Nasty Gal #GirlBoss

Feature: Good Housekeeping (UK): March 2014: Note To Self

Feature: RedUK: Jan 2014: Modern Love: Interview with Spike Jonze

Feature: Esquire Mexico Jan 2014: Her: Joaquin Phoenix and Spike Jonze (English translation for article in Esquire Mexico Jan 2014)

Feature: Making A U-Turn: Harpers Bazaar Australia Jan 2014

Cover Story: El Motor Del Futuro: Esquire Mexico  (here’s the piece re-printed on Esquire Latin America website) (and here’s the English version just in case your Spanish is rusty)

Cover Story: Walking Away From The Fast Lane: Red magazine UK Nov 2013

Production Notes Writer: The Green Inferno: Directed by Eli Roth: Premiered at Toronto Film Festival 2013

Film Reviewer: Huffington Post: I’ve Got You Under My Skin

Film Reviewer: Huffington Post: Love, Eventually

Film Reviewer: Huffington Post: Red 2: You’re Never Too Old To Kick Ass

Film Reviewer: Huffington Post: When The Hunter Becomes Hunted

Film Reviewer: Huffington Post: Women With Balls And Hot Flashes

Film Reviewer: Huffington Post: An Unfinished Song Which Completes A Life 

Opinion Piece: Huffington Post: The New Hollywood (Digital) Dating Rules

Arts Review: Los Angeles, I’m Yours: Helmut Newton at the Annenberg Space for Photography

Film Reviewer: Huffington Post: Family Man, Not Superman: Why Brad Pitt Is The Hero For Our Age

Film Reviewer: Huffington Post: Reality Bites in Before Midnight

Los Angeles I’m Yours: Where Shall We Meet: sophia stuart: Columnist 2013 – 2014

Hearst Magazines USA: mobile sell-sheet: copywriter

Esquire: mobile sell-sheet: copywriter

20th Century Fox: The Devil Wears Prada: writer: international promos

20th Century Fox: The Devil Wears Prada: writer: international promos (2)

20th Century Fox: The Devil Wears Prada: writer: international promos (3)

20th Century Fox: The Devil Wears Prada: writer: international promos (4)

20th Century Fox: The Devil Wears Prada: writer: international promos (5)

20th Century Fox: The Devil Wears Prada: writer/producer: game/site

New Line Cinema: Take The Lead: writer/producer: games/site/motion capture animation

8Edge: digital agency sell-sheet: copywriter

Neven Vision (Google): site copy/sell-sheet: copywriter

The Independent: Noh Man’s Land

The Independent: Alternative Miss World

Studio Magazines, Australia: Blue: Boy George

Studio Magazines: Australia: Blue: Ian McKellen (part 1)

Studio Magazines: Australia: Blue: Ian McKellen (part 2)

The Independent: Network+: Digital security market

The Independent: John Berendt

The Independent: Fashion writer

The Independent: Fashion writer: David Sims interview

Guardian newspaper: UK: Clubs

TV World magazine: technology: infomercials (part 1)

TV World: Technology & infomercials (par

contact: teamgloria(at)

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