S. C. Stuart has written about movies for Cinema ThreadEsquire Latino, ICG magazine, Not Only Blue (Australia),  PCMag (Ziff Davis), Red (UK), Refinery 29, The Independent (UK) and Time Out (London), interviewing Manuel Billeter, Neill BlomkampAlice Brooks, Kevin CostnerLesley Chilcott, Park Chan-wookS. J. ClarksonEricson Core, Drake Doremus, Josh Gad, Donna Gigliotti, Andrew Goth, Andy Hendrickson, Taraji P. HensonKira Kelly, Jessica Kumai ScottSpike Jonze, Jon Landau, Jennifer Lawrence, John Lee Hancock, Richard LinklaterJeph Loeb, Michael Keaton, Ian McKellen, Steven Okasaki, Maricel Pagulayan, Joaquin Phoenix, Joanne Reay, Robert Rodriguez, Melissa Rosenberg, Luke ScottRidley Scott, Maria Schrader, Nancy Schreiber ASCMichael SheenStacey Sher, Jon SpiraJason Sudeikis, Loren Weeks and Catherine Winder.

In other film-related work, S. C. Stuart has ghostwritten speeches and articles for Hollywood executives, was Eli Roth‘s production notes writer on The Green Inferno, writes, directs and produces games, including the scavenger hunt for 20th Century Fox – The Devil Wears Prada, (and the movie’s mock Runway magazine; international Press kit, including a Lexicon A-Z ), a mash-up game for New Line Cinema – Take The Lead and Mayfair Brooks, a 15-part mobile drama for teens, commissioned by Pocket Gems.

contact: scstuart2020(at)gmail(dot)com

Film Features:

ICG Magazine: Ocean’s 8

PCMag: Unity at Sundance Film Festival 2018

PCMag: Interrogating Former CIA Chief On Jennifer Lawrence Movie Red Sparrow 

PCMag: How Paramount Pictures Preserves Movie Treasures

PCMag: Will Smith Fights the Dark Side in BRIGHT 

PCMag: Neill Blomkamp Turns to Unity for ADAM: The Prophet

PCMag: How Richard Linklater Built Austin Into An Indie Incubator

PCMag: Flatliners: I Know What You Did at Med School

PCMag: Dolby Labs – Dr. Poppy Crum on the future of sound + vision

PCMag: How Skywalker Sound Delivers Auditory Magic

PCMag: Legendary Animator Floyd Norman Keynote at SIGGRAPH

PCMag: How DCDC Beams in Movies via Satellite

PCMag: Genius: Life of Einstein 

PCMag: Meet Walter: Fabricating the Android Fassbender (Alien Covenant)

Medium: Meet me at the Movies: Angela Killoren on Korean Cinema

PCMag: Joanne Reay/Andrew Goth on MindGamers and the Single Unified Field

Medium: Director Simon Aboud on This Beautiful Fantastic

Cinema Thread: Meet me at the Movies: Steven Lavine, CalArts

PCMag: Fandango Eyes the Future of Movie Going 

PCMag: IMAX gets into VR inside Tinseltown

Cinema Thread: Kira Kelly on 13th, Ava DuVernay and the Oscars

PCMag: VR Enchantment from Jon Favreau and Neville Spiteri at WEVR 

Cinema Thread: Dance Me to the End of Love: 3 x Documentaries

[Online]: Cinematographer Nancy Schreiber ASC Wins President’s Award 

[Print] HDVideoPro March 2017 Nancy Schreiber

Cinema Thread: Michael Keaton in The Founder

PCMag: Hidden Figures: The Women (at NASA) who did the Math to put a Man into Space

Cinema Thread: State of the Industry: VR in Hollywood (and beyond)

PCMag: A Tale of Human Stasis and Exoplanets: Passengers

Cinema Thread: A Life in Exile: Director Maria Schrader on Stefan Zweig

Cinema Thread: Nobody Walks in L.A. – Jesse Shapiro

Cinema Thread: Steven Okazaki, Director of “Mifune: The Last Samurai”

PCMag: Jaunt VR Launches Bourne Identity Director Doug Liman’s Invisible

PCMag: Arrival: The Aliens Have Landed. We Talk To Their Interpreter

Cinemathread: Issue 1: Meet Me at the Movies: Greg Laemmle

Cinemathread: Issue 1: The Handmaiden: Park Chan-wook

PCMag: Activision Blizzard Studios Chief Stacey Sher (Skylanders Academy)

PCMag: Tom Cruise Returns as Jack Reacher 

Cinematic VR: MPC, Faraday, Goosebumps

PCMag: IoT (1st) Thriller: Pierce Brosnan in I.T.

ICG: Hulu executive: Jessica Kumai Scott: Sept 2016

ICG: cover story: East Los High: Sept 2016

PCMag: Cyborgs, MORGAN and Luke (son of Ridley) Scott

PCMag: Do Particle Physicists Dream of Busting Ghosts?: July 2016

PCMag: Equals Portrays a Future without Feelings (or Phones): July 2016

PCMag: Ghostbusters Revisited (with Proton Packs): July 2016

PCMag: Independence Day: Resurgence and Alien Minds: June 2016

ICG magazine Sian Grigg June 2016

ICG magazine Bill Corso June 2016

ICG magazine Geneva Nash Morgan June 2016

PCMag: Angry Birds Flock to the Silver Screen: May 2016

PCMag: The Backstory on Star Wars in Elstree 1976 Doc: May 2016

PCMag: Hollywood Bots Are The Next Stars? May 2016

Cover Story ICG Jessica Jones from Marvel Jan 2016

ICG magazine Melissa Rosenberg Showrunner Jessica Jones Jan 2016

Feature: International Cinematographers Guild Magazine (ICG): Point Break: Dec 2015

Feature: PCMag: Bond, James Bond. And Q. #Spectre : November 2015

Cover Story: ICG magazine: Alice Brooks, Cinematographer (Jem): October 2015

Feature: PC Magazine (digital ed): Ridley Scott The Martian: October 2015

Feature: PCMag: 20 Years of Toy Story Pixar Magic: October 2015

Feature: PCMag: VFX Team On Mission Impossible Rogue Nation: August 2015

Feature: PCMAG: Jupiter Ascending – the new Matrix or not: Feb 2015

Cover Story: PC Magazine digital edition: Big Hero 6 from Disney Animation: November 2014

Feature: PCMAG: Robin Wright In The Congress

Feature: PCMAG: Scarlett Johansson In Luc Besson Movie Lucy

Feature: Red (UK): Spike Jonze on Her

Feature: Esquire (Mexico): Spike Jonze and Joaquin Phoenix on Her

Film Reviewer: Huffington Post: I’ve Got You Under My Skin

Film Reviewer: Huffington Post: Love, Eventually

Film Reviewer: Huffington Post: Red 2: You’re Never Too Old To Kick Ass

Film Reviewer: Huffington Post: When The Hunter Becomes Hunted

Film Reviewer: Huffington Post: An Unfinished Song Which Completes A Life 

Film Reviewer: Huffington Post: Family Man, Not Superman: Why Brad Pitt Is The Hero For Our Age

The Independent: Eddie Izzard


Mayfair Brooks (Pocket Gems: 15-part mobile episodic drama series 2015)

Production Notes 

Production Notes Writer: The Green Inferno: Directed by Eli Roth: Premiered at Toronto Film Festival 2013

Movie Copywriting:
sites/games/digital promos 

20th Century Fox: The Devil Wears Prada: Lexicon A – Z

20th Century Fox: The Devil Wears Prada: copywriting: online game

20th Century Fox: The Devil Wears Prada: copywriting: feature

New Line Cinema: Take The Lead: writer/producer: games/site/motion capture animation

Film Theory 

Opinion Piece: Huffington Post: The New Hollywood (Digital) Dating Rules

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