sophia stuart is an award-winning digital strategist and technology commentator for ELLE China, Esquire Latino, Singularity Hub and Ziff Davis PCMag, covering artificial intelligence, brain-machine interfaces, cyborgs and robots at Caltech, DARPA, NASA and US Army Cyber Command. She also reports from Hollywood on science fiction films, has interviewed directors Drake Doremus, Spike Jonze and Ridley Scott, former FBI agents, military, space and espionage experts.

From 2006 – 2013, she was an executive at Hearst, (publishers of brands including Cosmopolitan, Esquire and Harper’s Bazaar): as head of mobile for the USA, then promoted to head of digital for the international division with strategy oversight in almost 100 countries, including China, India, Korea and Russia. During this time she was voted one of the “Top 21 Social Media Superstars” (Min Online) and her group won many awards (Asian Publishing Award, Ad Age Media Vanguard Award and a Webby Award).

Sophia is British, based in Los Angeles, CA and represented by the literary agent Lisa Gallagher. For speaking/advisory engagements please contact Studio Kairos.

Reporting Back from the Future: A.I., Caltech, DARPA, military, NASA, robots, Sci-Fi, US Army Cyber Command: 

  1. 4D Cinema, Korean Style

  2. Ada Lovelace: the world’s first computer programmer
  3. Androids: Fabricating Fassbender as Walter: Alien Covenant
  4. Affectiva: A.I. That Knows How You Feel
  5. A.I. Assistants
  6. Alelo: War Games
  7. ANA Avatar XPrize, Tachi Lab and Hiroshi Ishiguro
  8. Anonymous and Gabriella Coleman
  9. Applied Minds: Bran Ferren
  10. ARRIVAL: Aliens and Language
  11. Art Center Creates Next Gen Vehicles and Sleek Wearables
  12. Astrobiologist and Founder Astronaut, Virgin Galactic, Loretta Hidalgo Whitesides
  13. Augmented Reality for Architects
  14. Augmented Reality: Vuforia, ScopeAR and Baobab at Unity
  15. Berlin Start-Up Tech Scene
  16. Blue Marble: Therapeutic Neurogaming
  17. Body Vibes: Ready for Bio-Frequency Tech?
  18. Brain Corp: Building Brains for Robots
  19. Building Superhumans for Mars
  20. Cafe X: Hello Robot Barista, Make Mine an Americano
  21. Caltech Aquatic Robots 
  22. Carnegie Mellon: Digital Braille Tutor
  23. Children’s Hospital L.A. uses Big Data and Tiny Robots
  24. Cinematic VR: MPC, Faraday, Goosebumps
  25. Cisco, Spy Cases, Berlin and Innovation
  26. Cognionics and Qusp: Brain-Machine Interfaces
  27. Cognitive Code: SILVIA A.I. 
  28. Cognitive Leap: Brain Health, VR and China
  29. Columbia University: ThingSpace
  30. Criminal Justice Reform and Virtual Reality
  31. Cyborgs: MORGAN 
  32. Cyborgs: Ready?
  33. DARPA, AI and Robots
  34. DARPA: Hubo from Korea wins the Robotics Challenge
  35. Dash: The Room Service Robots Have Arrived
  36. DCDC Delivers Movies Via Satellite
  37. DDoS Attacks: The Coming Swarm
  38. Digital Doppelganger: Robin Wright in The Congress
  39. Disaster Scenario Prep: City of Malibu, FEMA + CERT
  40. The Robo-Doctor Will See You Now
  41. Dolby Labs: Dr. Poppy Crum on the future of sound + vision
  42. Drawsta: Augmented Reality for Clothing
  43. EdTech: YaLa Academy for Peace in the Middle East
  44. Equals Portrays a Future without Feelings (or Phones)
  45. Elon Musk: 12 Things you might not know
  46. Entangled: Are You Ready To Hack Consciousness?
  47. FBI: former agent Michael Panico on Blackhat
  48. Fleet Space CEO Flavia Tata Nardini on Nanosatellites and IoT
  49. Focus@Will Increases Theta Brain Frequencies For Flow States
  50. Georgia Tech, Dr. Sonia Chernova and the robot that learns
  51. Google: cover story for Esquire Mexico
  52. Her: Interviews with Joaquin Phoenix and Spike Jonze
  53. Her: Interview with Spike Jonze
  54. Hidden Figures: The Women (at NASA) who did the Math to put a Man into Space
  55. Holograms and the digitization of humans at 8i
  56. How to Survive in L.A without Driving
  57. Hughes Research Lab: Brain-Machine Interfaces
  58. Human Stasis and Exoplanets: Passengers
  59. iCub: A Robot That Learns To Grow Up
  60. IMAX Launches VR in Hollywood 
  61. Independence Day: Resurgence and Alien Minds
  62. International Society for Presence Research [reprint]
  63. IONS: Dr. Julia Mossbridge on Mapping Inner Space
  64. IoT (1st) Thriller: Pierce Brosnan in I.T.
  65. iRobot: Dispatches Fall 2016
  66. James Bond: Spectre and the Gadgets of Q
  67. Jaunt VR Launches Doug Liman’s Invisible
  68. Josh: A.I. Inside Your Home
  69. [update 2017]: head of design Jason Hsin
  70. Jupiter Ascending: is it The Matrix in Space?
  71. Kopin Builds Augmented Reality Prototypes
  72. L.A. Cleantech Incubator: Homeboy Recycling, Perception Robotics
  73. Los Alamos National Lab: Quantum Cryptography, Supercomputers
  74. Los Alamos National Lab: Space Storms
  75. Lucy: advanced intelligence (Scarlett Johansson/Luc Besson)
  76. Magisto: mini movie-making
  77. Mars City Design + Giant 3D Printers in the Mojave Desert
  78. MealViewer: edtech/nutritiontech
  79. MIT: Dr. Cynthia Breazeal Robots 
  80. NASA Ames: Building Robots for the International Space Station
  81. NASA Builds a Holodeck
  82. NASA JPL Gecko Hands
  83. NASA JPL RoboSimian robot 
  84. NASA JPL Volcano Robot
  85. NASA JPL Voyager Mission 40th Anniversary Dr. Ed Stone
  86. NASA Planetary Science Division Director (on The Martian)
  87. NASA Valkyrie: Dr. Luis Sentis from UT Austin
  88. Nod: Gesture is the future
  89. ObEN: voiceprinting for IoT
  90. Otherworld: Building new places inside VR
  91. Port of Los Angeles: CyberCommand
  92. Qualcomm: drones
  93. Ridley Scott on The Martian 
  94. Robot Companions at RoboBusiness
  95. Robot Companions for dogs (really)
  96. RO-MAN 2016: Future of HRI 
  97. Samsung Research America: Hack Reality
  98. Sarcos Builds Iron Man Style Exoskeletons (without the Arc Reactor)
  99. Selma Sabanovic: global robot culture
  100. SRI International: Dr. William Mark at AI World 2016
  101. Superheroes: Marvel’s Jessica Jones
  102. Swarovski wearables
  103. Tally: the robot that loves retail
  104. Techstars Healthcare Accelerator: Ella
  105. Tesla Energy: Elon Musk and his Powerwall
  106. Texpert: Training A.I. in Relationship Dramas
  107. Trinity College Dublin: Robbie the Robot
  108. US Army Cyber Command 
  109. UCLA Architects of Tomorrow  
  110. UCLA Robot Haptics Bair Claw
  111. VRB from Samsung Accelerator 
  112. USC: Avatars
  113. USC Body Computing Gets Marines Through Training
  114. USC Helps Soldiers With PTSD
  115. USC: Holograms Preserve Holocaust Testimonies
  116. USC: Next Gen J-School Clark Kent and Lois Lane Types
  117. USC: Space Robots Dr. Wei-Min Shen
  118. USC: Virtual Humans Serve at US Vets 
  119. Virtually Human: Dr. Martine Rothblatt
  120. VR: State of the Industry (Cinema Thread)
  121. VR Nerds
  122. VR Clinical Futures: Dial Down the Morphine
  123. WEVR: Enchantment VR from Jon Favreau and Neville Spiteri
  124. Woebot: Your A.I. Robot Therapist Just Logged On
  125. Year Million: When Death is Optional
  126. Zappo Labs: Golden Krishna

More clips here. 

Contact: sophsstuart(at)gmail(dot)com.